Obama on Hispanic Education

I’m sure, over the last couple of weeks, you heard about the town hall meeting that Obama held on Hispanic Education. The event was broadcast by Univision and it drew significant attention from our Hispanic community. If you missed it, keep reading.

So, what happened and why is this important? For one, it was great to see that our President set aside sometime to recognize the importance and contribution of our community, and how the future of the nation is heavily dependent on the contribution of Hispanics, especially young, educated professionals. The expectations are high!

The president said: "This is an issue that is critical for the success of America. We already have a situation where one out of five students is Latino in our schools, and when you look at those who are 10 years old or younger, it's actually one in four.

"So what this means is that our workforce is going to be, to a large percentage, Latino. And if our young people are not getting the kind of education they need, we won't succeed as a nation," the president said.

Are you prepared for the challenge? Are you taking the necessary measures to make sure you are prepared for what the future holds, professionally and otherwise? If as a young Hispanic, education was not a priority for you, or for someone you know, it should be now. No matter what your immigration status is, always strive to be better by taking every opportunity to educate yourself and advance in life. Your family and your children will thank you a lifetime.

Obama praised those students that could speak two or more languages. If you are one of them, you should be proud. Not everyone has the fortune to say that they do. If you have friends or family members who need to continue their education, urge them to.

Our community will continue to grow, and in order for us to flourish and be all we can be, as individuals and as group, we need to educate ourselves. Get involved by participating in different programs, taking opportunities as they present themselves, never stop reading, always keep searching for that new challenge. And share your energy with those around you.

Obama sees the education of Hispanic young people as "something that will pay big dividends for the entire society down the road." Do you agree with this statement? Leave us a message!

If you missed the town hall meeting on education, you can find it here: http://vidayfamilia.univision.com/es-el-momento/



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