February 21 - Saint Severian


In the year 451, Severian met in the fourth Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon, against the monophysite heresy of Eutyches, which was propagating quickly in the Eastern Church. The dioceses were split into parties, which in some cases choose rival bishops and refused communion from the opposing party. Most of the monks from Palestine accepted, without discussion, the decision of the Council against the heresy, but there were considerable exceptions. The main rebel was the Theodosius, who had sufficient supporters to oust Juvenal, the bishop of Jerusalem, and take possession of the seat. To this, he added a bloody persecution in the city. Theodosius was devoted to devastating the whole country, although in some places he found Christians determined to remain in the orthodoxy; among them St. Severian, bishop of Scythopolis, who received as a reward the crown of martyrdom, since the soldiers seized him, dragged him outside the city, and assassinated him.

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